Moogy Mood

Ce week-end, un tout petit beat, réalisé sur mpc,  microkorg et quelques bidouilles sur Ableton Live que je découvre.Pas grand chose d’extraordinaire, mais check it out!

A short little beat this week-end, made with mpc, microkorg and some little tweakings on Ableton Live (that i’m discovering right now). Nothing crazy, but check it out!

Moogy Mood


3 Responses to “Moogy Mood”

  1. akabrownsugar Says:

    phat pahat drums !

  2. Alden Givens Says:

    hi! i had contacted you about a year ago about doing some production stuff for a company. Unfortunately, things kinda went downhill quick with that because of the lack of sales in the industry causing our distributor to restructure how they do business. I just wanted to keep in touch with you since I really respect your work alot (some of the stuff on your soundclick page is fuckin’ tite as hell) anyways, just droppin’ a line to try and keep in touch. keep the tracks comin’!

  3. toi t’a coupé ton quantize avec moins de 50% de swing non?
    çà fait une bonne interlude, ou un son d’habillage pour une chaine câblée de sport extrême avec des clips de j-pop rock visuel.

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